Pool Construction Process

Step 1: Planning and design (obtain and post all required permits)
Planning: It’s the key to a worry-free pool installation. We’ll guide you through obtaining a plot plan, building permit and ensure compliance with any property setback or town regulations. Design is the fun part of the project where we take what's in your imagination and create a pool that's feasible both in terms of logistics and budget. The knowledge we bring to this stage is based on decades of experience and will prove an invaluable resource for a smooth running project.

Step 2: Pool layout
Location. Location. Location. We’ll advise on proper pool elevation and ensure that the pool is in synchronicity with the overall landscape and environment.

Step 3: Excavation (ledge removal if necessary)
Bring in the heavy machinery. This is the day we actually break ground and dig the hole. This is typically a 1-2 day process, unless of course we need to remove ledge. Ledge is that under-ground solid rock that requires additional machinery to hammer and blast this layer of rock away to achieve the proper depth.

Step 4: Form the pool shape
Once excavation is complete, we’ll use wood stakes, peg-board and flexible wood forms to create the actual shape of the pool to mirror the design set forth in step 1.

Step 5: Install steel, plumbing lines and electrical lines
Steel rebar is installed to form the “shell” of your gunite pool. Plumbing lines and electrical lines are installed at this point before the gunite shell is formed.

Step 6: Shoot gunite shell
Now, we skillfully spray the gunite concrete mix into the steel pool structure to form the shell of your pool. Once the gunite is perfectly laid down, we’ll need to keep it wet by hosing it down 1-2 times per day to ensure a slow curing process.

Step 7: Install pool coping / pool tile / pool decking
After the gunite has properly set, we’ll arrive with the materials and options you chose in the design phase and begin installation.

Step 8: Install pool equipment
At the heart of every pool is plumbing and filtration. This is the time when we’ll install and connect the plumbing and electrical systems.

Step 9: Plaster the pool
All fittings are placed for lights, pool returns and any additional accessories are installed. Plaster is then applied to the pool interior. If you chose regular plaster, the pool water can be delivered on the same day. If you chose a pebble finish, the plaster will need a light acid-wash the following day before filling the pool with water.

Step 10: Fill pool with water (balance water with pool chemicals)
Finally, the step everyone has anticipated. Water trucks will deliver your pool water and start filling your pool for your first swim. Typically 2-3 truckloads will fill a pool of average size. Once your water is delivered, American Pool Service will help you balance the water with the proper chemicals and provide you with important maintenance information. The only thing left now, is that first worry-free swim!